Amanda Chen, Communication Fellow

Communication Fellow
2nd year graduate student, Biological Engineering, Bhatia Lab

Amanda Chen is a graduate student in Biological Engineering. Growing up in the sunny weather of California, she thought the next most logical step was to be tortured by lake-effect snow and persistent rain during her undergraduate (University of Rochester) and master’s (University of Cambridge) studies, respectively. Amanda discovered her passion for mentoring and teaching at Rochester, where she spent 3 years as a teaching assistant, peer adviser, and managing editor of the undergraduate research journal. Now a member of Sangeeta Bhatia’s lab, she spends most of her time thinking about liver regeneration. In her free time, Amanda enjoys making bad science jokes, drinking red wines, and attempting to be a long distance runner. Her long term goals include having a puppy named Mac(rophage) and squatting at least twice her weight.