Jennifer Wilson, Communication Fellow Alum

Communication Fellow Alum

Jen recently completed her PhD in Doug Lauffenburger’s lab (B.E.), working collaboratively with Ernest Fraenkel (B.E.) and Mike Hemann (Biology) on network approaches for functional genomic screens in cancer. Originally from Virginia, Jen attended the University of Virginia where she earned her B.S. in Biomedical Engineering. It was at UVa that Jen gained an appreciation for effective writing and communication while participating in a science and technology policy internship program. Within the department, Jen has TA’d for 20.320 (fall 2011), and currently acts as a student representative to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and serves as Community Outreach and Development co-chair on the B.E.Graduate Student Board. When she’s not in lab, she may be at McCormick Hall, where she lives as a GRT, riding with the cycling team, playing board games, or testing out new recipes.