Maxine Jonas, Communication Fellow

Communication Fellow
Instructor, Biological Engineering

Dr. Maxine Jonas is an instructor in the Department of Biological Engineering, and one of its alumnae. After undergraduate studies in France and upon completing her PhD in BE, Maxine worked in the biotech industry in the Boston area, both in start-up and in large company environments, for seven years prior to returning to campus. She currently teaches lab-focused instrumentation courses (20.109, 20.203J, 20.309, and 20.345). Since she joined the Communication Lab in December 2014, Maxine has particularly enjoyed brainstorming on project outline and organization of ideas with a wide cross-section of BE scholars. Dr. Jonas’s research areas include biological imaging, biophysics, computational modeling, drug metabolism, and pharmacology. Outside of troubleshooting mutagenesis plasmids or lock-in amplifiers, Maxine loves theater plays, live or in books, enjoys museums, and loves water: swimming, sailing, riding her bike in the rain, skiing on northeastern ha’d-packed or spring slush, skydiving through clouds, and drinking water.