Atti English, 3rd year graduate student

3rd year graduate student
Collins Lab, BE, IMES, Wyss

Atti English is a graduate student in Jim Collins’ group in the Department of Biological Engineering and Institute for Medical Engineering and Science. He was born in London, grew up in Kenya, and then returned to the UK to complete his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in chemical biology at the University of Cambridge. His research currently focuses on developing new ways to interface biological processes with materials and sensors, under the Collins lab’s umbrella interest of using biological tools to diagnose and treat infectious diseases.

Atti enjoys teaching, and has been involved as an instructor in 20.440, 20.201 and as a mentor for the BE application assistance program. He also has a keen interest in figure design, science art and data visualization as a means to communicate scientific research, and recently co-authored a graphic novel describing the threat of fungal diseases to food security. Outside of the lab, Atti can be found tending to his extensive collection of plants, enjoying Boston’s live music scene and cooking elaborate meals for his friends. From his role as Social Chair on the BE board to his vocal (not athletic) contributions to various IM sports, he is also involved in many aspects of the grad student body.