Caleb Perez, 4th year graduate student

4th year graduate student
Birnbaum Lab, BE, Koch

Caleb is a Biological Engineering PhD student in Michael Birnbaum’s lab, where he develops strategies to reprogram immune cells as cancer therapies. Born and raised in Hawaii by two journalists, he was mostly forced to take an interest in writing, but that has grown into a real appreciation for scientific writing and visual design. Caleb graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in bioengineering. He then traveled to Switzerland to study cancer vaccines under the Fulbright program before enrolling at MIT in 2019. Outside of the lab, Caleb enjoys hiking, climbing, watching way too much NBA basketball, and partaking in dollar oysters. He is also an active participant in intramural sports, with his crowning achievement in grad school being the BE dodgeball team’s 2019 championship.