Diana Chien, BE Communication Lab Manager & Instructor

BE Communication Lab Manager & Instructor


Dr. Diana Chien has worked with the BE Communication Lab since 2013. She joined the Lab as a Fellow while a Microbiology graduate student in Martin Polz’s lab at MIT, studying the dynamics of wild microbial populations. Upon graduating with her Ph.D in 2016, she became the Communication Lab’s manager and instructor, mentoring the Fellow team and teaching the communication components of 20.109 (Lab Fundamentals in Biological Engineering) and 20.380 (Biological Engineering Design).

Diana’s dedication to teaching science communication grows out of her longtime passion for both biology and writing: as an undergraduate at Princeton University, she majored in ecology and evolutionary biology and minored in creative writing. Her poetry has received awards from and been published in major literary magazines. Diana is thrilled to be able to continue to pursue her joint interests with the Communication Lab, supporting members of the Biological Engineering department in their growth as communicators.

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