George Sun, Communication Fellow

Communication Fellow
Biological Engineering Communication Lab

George started his PhD in Bioengineering at MIT in 2014 after graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in electrical engineering & computer science, and bioengineering. He currently works in the Belcher lab where his research focus is on engineering microorganisms to sequester and remediate waste from contaminated waters. Coming from more of an electrical engineering background, transitioning to the biological sciences and dealing with “wet” work has been an adventure (think of trying to learn how to cook, but with pipettes). His experience in the Communication Lab has consisted of poster workshops, working on the public presentation Comm Kit, and mentoring projects for 20.109 and 380, to name a few.

Aside from the academic life, George is an active swimmer and enjoys a game of ultimate Frisbee whenever he gets the chance. For his free time he enjoys tinkering with electronics and designing one-off web applications, or finding some time to relax.