Jacqueline Gerritsen, Communication Fellow

Communication Fellow
5th year graduate student, Biological Engineering, White Lab

Jacqueline started her PhD in Biological Engineering at MIT in 2016 after getting a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree in the Netherlands. As part of her Master’s degree, she spent a semester in the Lauffenburger lab, studying crosstalk between GPCRs and RTKs. Currently in the White lab, she works on constructing a mechanistic and site-specific model to describe EGFR signaling using phosphoproteomic approaches.

Jacqueline believes that nothing in science has any value if it is not properly communicated, hence her interest in continuously improving on and mastering her scientific communication skills. In addition to the Communication lab, Jacqueline is also a member of the BE REFS. Outside of lab, Jacqueline has a passion for Latin dance, and enjoys outdoor activities and nature photography.