Josh Peters, 3rd year graduate student

3rd year graduate student
Bryson and Blainey Labs, BE, Broad, Ragon

Josh is a co-advised Biological Engineering graduate student in the Bryson and Blainey labs. Hailing from a rural area of New Jersey, he graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a chemical engineering degree. After spending a summer giving tours at the most awarded craft distillery in America, he stopped investigating cocktail recipes, and began investigating the recipe for infection by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. In a Stranger Things-esque biohazard suit, he measures how cells express and regulate their genes to uncover cues in an effort to understand the tug-of-war between the host and the pathogen.

Beyond pipetting, he writes professionally for Massive Science, a science media company, on a variety of topics like cancer evolution, single-cell sequencing, exotic animal genomics, philanthropy in science, and more. His pieces have been syndicated in Quartz, Salon, and Pacific Standard. Intramural sports teams like football, dodgeball, volleyball, and cricket makes up the rest of his time.