The ChemE Communications Lab is proud to announce the return of our call for applications for a $10,000 research grant for all postdocs affiliated with MIT ChemE through a faculty advisor. This year’s competition features self-paced training with a live Q&A to address questions.

Workshop participation is open to all postdocs, but required of applicants and peer reviewers. Explore our pitch deck for a snapshot of the program’s goals and learn more about how to apply or become a peer reviewer below.

How to Apply

  • Complete our the submission of intent form so we can gauge applicant numbers and plan proposal review. This form is for both prospective applicants and peer reviewers.
  • Review the call and our online training materials. The online training is required for all applicants and peer reviewers. See our email for a link to the Dropbox materials.
  • Join our Q&A session on Wednesday, June 30 from 2-3pm. Register on Zoom. We will cover activity 2 in breakout rooms to jumpstart the ideation process.
  • Come-up with an innovative research idea to be worked on over the upcoming academic year here at MIT that aligns with your long-term strategic goals as an independent researcher and would benefit from a 10K seed grant.
  • Write a compelling 3-5 page research proposal with support by the ChemE Comm Lab; a minimum of one personalized coaching appointment  is mandated for all applicants; coaching during the early phases of developing the proposal is especially beneficial and encouraged.
  • Submit your proposal by Thursday, July 29, 2021 at 10pm EDT as a single pdf file to our Google Drive form.
  • Invited candidates, pitch your proposal in a 30-minute chalk talk consisting of five slides.

Important Milestones

Important dates for the postdoc grant competition.






Become a Peer-reviewer

Postdoc peer review is a critical part of our training program; participation provides exceptional professional development for your future career. We are eager to recruit five or more postdoc peer reviewers to work collaboratively with our faculty advisors and Communication Fellows.

Reviewers will have the opportunity to think critically about the communication and research strengths of the proposals with input from faculty on what they look for in evaluating both written proposals and chalk talks.

As a peer-reviewer, you commit to the following:

  1. You cannot enter the award competition
  2. You will participate in the online workshop
  3. You will be available to review 3-4 proposals between July 30 and August 12.
  4. You will attend our committee meetings.

We anticipate there will be three committee meetings: one in late July to review the rubric, one in mid-August to select candidates for chalk talks, and one in late August to make the final selection. This is in addition to attending all chalk talk sessions. Virtual meetings will be an option for all participants.

If you are interested, contact the Comm Lab manager, Caitlin Stier with any questions and fill out our form to indicate your interest.