In the course of their education, scientists typically receive rigorous training in laboratory methods, designing experiments, and interpreting results. However, there is often little formal instruction in the critical ability to communicate science effectively. Effective scientific communication is needed to convey the impact of discoveries, secure funding, and advance professionally.

In collaboration with the MIT Communication Lab, a product of the MIT Department of Biological Engineering, Broad hosted a workshop on proposal writing for trainees and deployed its trained Fellows to offer assistance in the preparation of proposals.

The Broad Research Communication Lab (BRCL) program is structured around peer mentoring with a group of BRCL “Fellows,” consisting of graduate students, post-docs, and professional staff, trained to help those requesting the Lab’s services.

The Fellows also work together as a “think tank” to devise solutions for academic communication challenges that exist community-wide, and have created this online repository for tips on and examples of diverse types of academic writing and presentations. If you have suggestions or would like to collaborate with the BRCL, please contact its manager, Akshata Sonni.