Good communication generates fruitful scientific interactions and collaborations. The Comm Lab’s key goal is to ensure that the purpose and impact of your science is immediately evident to audiences both within and outside your discipline. Whatever you might be working on, the Comm Lab provides support in a number of ways!

As a scientist, you might feel compelled to present dense depictions of data, compromising on the amount of background information and real-world impact presented. However, to make any audience understand why your research is important and relevant, having a clear scientific narrative is crucial. This is where the Comm Lab seeks to provide support: to help you distill your scientific message, and to draw your audience in with a captivating story.

Our most valuable resource are our Fellows – graduate students, post-docs, former journal editors, science writers, and professional staff, trained to help scientists communicate their science in the most compelling way.

If you have suggestions or would like to collaborate with the Comm Lab, please contact the manager.

The Broad Research Communication Lab is based on the model of the MIT Communication Lab; learn more about our history and educational philosophy here.