Daniel Grier, Communication Advisor

Communication Advisor
Graduate student

Daniel is a fifth-year PhD candidate in CSAIL’s Theory of Computation group.  His research broadly covers the regimes of quantum computation and complexity.  He is especially happy when tools from quantum mechanics and physics can be applied to problems in classical theoretical computer science.  Daniel completed his undergraduate degree in computer science and mathematics at the University of South Carolina, which is why he feels that those referring to the University of Southern California as “USC” are extremely misguided.  During his time there, he spent many afternoons tutoring algebra and geometry at a local high school.  Nowadays, when he’s not grappling with the universe’s quantum mechanical foundations, Daniel enjoys the rather corporeal comfort of some good old-fashioned sportball.  He’s especially into ice hockey and soccer, and he has been on the MIT cycling club team for the past 3 years.