Grad students and postdocs: Do you need help polishing a paper or fine-tuning a poster? How about putting together the perfect conference talk or designing figures? The EECS Communication Lab, a resource open to the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, can help you with these tasks and more.

Set up a free coaching appointment to receive feedback on a wide range of scientific tasks, including publications, job applications, figures, and conference talks. As engineers and scientists, the Communication Advisors focus on high-level issues such as motivation, audience, and clarity. They are not intended to be used as line-editors for grammar or English.

The EECS Communication Lab offers targeted workshops

In addition to coaching, the Communication Lab hosts 1-2 hour scientific communication workshops on a range of topics. The goal of these targeted workshops is to provide timely, hands-on support, aligned with relevant deadlines. For example, the Communication Advisors will be working closely with the leadership for Masterworks to offer best practices and individualized feedback to students right before the spring poster deadline.

We welcome collaborations and suggestions

The Communication Advisors and staff partner closely with EECS headquarters and student leadership groups to develop strategy on how best to support the EECS graduate student community in learning important writing, speaking, and visual design skills. The team appreciates hearing from faculty, students, and staff on how to be most useful to the department. If you have a workshop idea or have a group of students who want support on a topic, please reach out at