Spring tends to be pretty quiet when it comes to applying to fellowships — but there are a few important fellowships to consider! Writing a fellowship is an important exercise for any scientist and winning a fellowship is important for any career. While fellowship applications take time, they provide a great opportunity to put your ideas on paper and help you to write about your work in a clear and concise manner.

Deadlines for a select list of pre- and post-doctoral fellowships are below. We also have a comprehensive list of postdoctoral fellowships. Be sure to check eligibility requirements before applying. And don’t forget to make an appointment with a Communication Fellow for peer-to-peer feedback on your application. Use the CommKit and visit OGE for more resources.

Predoctoral Fellowships:

NIH F31 (April 8, August 8, 2019)

Association travel grants and awards (Look at individual association websites – BMES, AAAS, ASM, etc.)

The following fellowships require a nomination through MIT. Additional information can be found on the OGE website or through the BE Academic Affairs office.

Whitaker Health Sciences Fund Fellowship (Internal nomination deadline, Mar 7, 2019)

Hugh Hampton Young Fellowship (Internal nomination deadline, Mar 7, 2019)

NIH/BTP Training Grant (Seeking Nominations in late spring)

Additional fellowships, with specific requirements for residency or type of research are listed on the OGE website.


Postdoctoral Fellowships:

NIH F32 (April 8, August 8, 2019)

NIH K99/R00 (March 12, July 12, 2019)

Helen Hay Whitney (August 2019)

Human Frontier Science Program (Aug 22, 2019)

A list of additional postdoctoral fellowships can be found through the MIT Postdoctoral Association website.

Blog post by Prerna Bhargava.