“WOW.” Probably the most common response I heard when I told friends, family, colleagues, or strangers that I was moving to Cambridge to work at MIT.

“WOW.” My own response the first time I saw a graphical representation of the size of the EECS department compared to MIT’s other departments.

“WOW.” A response I’ve already heard several times from EECS Comm Lab clients when they discover the multitude of tasks we are available to help with.

Strong communication skills are important because communication is pervasive in our classes, our research, our work, and our lives. Regardless of past experience or current practice, we can all continue learning to be better communicators, which happens through careful thought and practice. The Comm Lab is here to help with that.

So, what can the EECS Communication Lab do to make you say “WOW”?

Want 1-on-1 help with a particular project? Set up a free appointment with one of our trained Communication Advisors.

Have an idea for a workshop, a service, or a partnership? Reach out anytime at eecscommlab@mit.edu or stop by the Comm Lab at 24-311. I’d love to hear from students, postdocs, faculty, and staff on how the EECS Communication Lab can best serve the communication needs of MIT’s largest department.

Deanna Montgomery
EECS Communication Lab Manager