Bright Ye, Communication Fellow

Communication Fellow
Graduate Student

Bright was born in the deep southern Chinese city of Guangzhou but grew up in the True North of Canada in the city of Toronto, where he completed his undergraduate in Engineering Science with a major in Engineering Physics at the University of Toronto. During undergrad, he worked on simulations of photonics and superconducting quantum computing at Toronto and l’Université de Sherbrooke in Québec. Bright has since moved 1.3° south to Cambridge to continue his work in superconducting quantum computing as a first-year PhD student in the Quantum Coherent Electronics Group led by Prof. Kevin P. O’Brien in RLE.

Outside of work, Bright loves playing board games, music, scavenging for free food, chilling with friends, and following Canadian and American politics. Despite his upbringing, he is less fluent in Cantonese and French than you might expect.