Eugenia Inda, Communication Fellow

Communication Fellow

Eugenia knows the importance of mastering communication skills for pushing her scientific career forward. She used her prowess to show evaluators the value of her ideas in order to become a Pew Postdoctoral Fellow in the Synthetic Biology Center at MIT. In Timothy Lu’s lab, she’s investigating the bacteria dwelling in our intestines. Specifically, she’s working to commandeer some of these microbes for use as “sentinels” that could be engineered to patrol the gut and recognize the molecular markers of inflammatory disease. She received a doctorate in Microbiology in 2014 from the National University of Rosario, Argentina, where she was a teaching assistant and directed undergraduate theses. She’s thrilled to be a part of the Comm Lab because helping colleagues develop their communication skills is meaningful to her as a contribution to both scientists and Science, as a whole. Outside her research, she loves capturing the beauty of everyday life with her Nikon D3400 camera.