Helen Xu, Communication Fellow

Communication Fellow
Graduate Student

Helen is a CSAIL graduate student in Charles Leiserson’s lab and works in the Supertech Research Group towards making scalable computing simpler, faster, and more widely accessible. Specifically, her work focuses on performance engineering, parallel algorithms, and external-memory algorithms. She’s interested in both algorithm design and engineering; her favorite type of project is one at the intersection of theory and practice. She’s originally from New York and completed her undergrad in computer science and applied math at Stony Brook University. At MIT, Helen has served as a TA for 6.172 (Performance Engineering of Software Systems) and occasionally blogs about teaching and life at MIT for the Graduate Admissions Blog. She and the Supertech group took a standup comedy class together recently to practice communication and delivery. She can often be found daydreaming about traveling, hiking, rock climbing, and desserts.