Wenchao Xu, Communication Fellow

Communication Fellow

Wenchao is a postdoc in Prof. Vladan Vuletic’s lab. Having a precise control over individual quanta such as photons and atoms has been a dream for many years, as it allows us to manipulate them in a way that can perform efficient simulations on many unsolved puzzles. The experimental platform Wenchao is working on consists of countless mirrors and laser light beams. With these, she can engineer the interactions between photons and atoms, by harnessing some nonlinear optical effects and atom-light interactions. Ten years ago, Wenchao came to the United States after she got her bachelor’s degree in China. The research experience as a graduate student at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and as a postdoc at MIT made her appreciate the importance of communicating ideas with people from different fields. She enjoys talking with the general public about her research. Outside her research, she likes running and doing regular exercise. She also likes traveling around the world and exploring the local cuisines.