Crystal Owens, Comm Lab Fellow

Comm Lab Fellow

Crystal is a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering and a Communication Fellow. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics from Duke University, where she began research to develop an acoustics-based microparticle patterning system. For her master’s thesis, Crystal developed a modular microfluidic system based on modifying LEGO toys to manipulate, mix, and measure fluid properties. Currently, she is continuing research on fluid-particle interactions as part of both the Mechanosynthesis and Non-Newtonian Fluid Dynamics laboratories focusing on the use of fluid mechanics and rheology for 3D printing of nanomaterials into tailored macroscopic structures.

Public interest in her LEGO research – alongside a lifelong interest in reading and writing – has emphasized the importance of communicating technical scientific research in clear terms, which Crystal aims to share through the Comm Lab.

Outside of research, Crystal is involved with the Society of Women Engineers and GAME, and occasionally dresses up as TIM the Beaver. She also enjoys spending time with her sister in Boston, exploring the city, and reading.