Here you will find announcements for our upcoming events as well as thoughts and perspectives from MechE Communication Fellows on a variety of topics related to science communication. Please let us know if you have suggestions for additional blog posts!

The Brags and Brag-nots: advice for a successful resume

September at MIT means one thing: CAREER FAIR! This year’s fully virtual format makes freshening up your resume all the more important. The virtual format means fewer opportunities to make a personal connection (and fewer free t-shirts), but the resume is still an excellent vehicle for making a first impression. Updating your resume is a… View Article

TOC figures…more than just a thumbnail

Table of contents (TOC) or abstract figures are becoming increasingly popular additions to academic journals. Some journals have required them for some time, such as publications by the American Chemical Society. Whether you are new to TOC figures or not, here are some tips for generating TOC graphics to entice and inform! What is a… View Article

Qualifying Exam Workshop

This highly interactive workshop will focus on strategies of delivering a successful research talk at the MechE Qualifying Exam. Many specific examples of outlining the message, presenting data, highlighting your contribution, and answering questions will be given. Attend to sharpen your message and get personalized advice from Communication Fellows who have already successfully presented their… View Article

Picturing Science and Engineering by Felice Frankel

MechE & ChemE Communication Labs are co-hosting a talk by Felice Frankel on visual design in science communication, where she will pre-view examples and recipes from her upcoming book “Picturing Science and Engineering.” She will discuss various techniques in photography and graphics, with the focus on combining visual appeal with scientific impact. Time: 5-6pm, Venue:… View Article

Poster Presentation Workshop

The MechE Comm Lab is hosting a workshop on designing and presenting a poster. Students and postdocs are encouraged to attend in preparation for the MERE 2018 Exhibition. Food will be served. Time: 5-6pm, Venue: Rm 5-314. Please RSVP via Eventbrite.