David Larson, Comm Lab Fellow

Comm Lab Fellow

David is a third-year PhD student in Mechanical and Ocean Engineering. He arrived at MIT from southern California as an undergrad freshman in 2012 and never left. Currently, his research focuses on developing stochastic models for ocean-wave-ship interactions in severe weather, allowing engineers to more confidently prescribe how ships should operate to protect the safety of their cargoes and crew.

David participates in several engineering mentorship efforts to contribute back to the MIT community, and collaboratively develop his engineering and leadership skills. He has been involved with the launch of the MechE CommLab, a team mentor for 2.013/4 Engineering Systems Design, an active member of GAME, and an assistant coach of the MIT Varsity Sailing Team. Outside the lab, you can find David out on the water as a competitive sailor; trying to build anything from a robot to a boat in his kitchen; or spending time with friends.