For the first time, Biological Engineering is now offering its undergraduates an opportunity to try their hand at a senior thesis – an in-depth write-up of their original research. For students who want to get a taste of graduate school or move their work closer to publication, this is an excellent opportunity to pursue scientific communication at length. It’s also a chance for students to share their work with the department – opportunities for public presentation and awards for theses will be offered.

To complement support from lab mentors and PI’s, the BE Communication Lab will offer support for all thesis students, ensuring that they meet their milestones and are growing both as scientific thinkers and as communicators .

We invite students who are graduating both in 2017 or in 2018 to consider pursuing a thesis.

Visit the BE Undergraduate Programs webpage to see detailed requirements, or contact Communication Lab Manager Diana Chien directly to discuss your interest (especially if graduating this year).

Blog post by Diana Chien.