Scott Olesen was one of the founding cohort of BE Communication Fellows, who joined and helped shape the Communication Lab when it was established in 2013. He was a BE PhD student in Eric Alm’s lab. Scott graduated with his PhD in 2016, and is now a postdoc at the Harvard School of Public Health.

What are you doing now?

I’m a postdoc at the Harvard School of Public Health, where I study antibiotic resistance.

How are you using communication skills in your job?

I use communication skills every day, whether it’s in giving presentations, explaining results to my co-workers, or discussing ideas for projects.

How did the Comm Lab prepare you for your current role?

The Comm Lab was the single most important source of professional development that I got as a graduate student, aside from doing the research itself. The skills I got from the Lab have made more articulate and more patient, which means I’m a better team member, mentor, and trainee.

Any advice to current students?

My advice is to the use the alumni network! If you ask for 20 minutes of someone’s time, and then flatter them by saying you’re hoping to get their opinion, you will probably make a friend.

Blog post by Diana Chien.