Nav Ranu, Fellow

Member of the Blainey Lab

Nav is currently a member of Paul Blainey’s lab, and works on developing single cell whole genome technology for the study of microbial communities. Many a time in his scientific career, Nav has found himself in a position where he is asked to explain scientific concepts – either pertaining to his own research or that of others – to an ever-changing audience of friends, families, colleagues, and even strangers. It became apparent to him that, as a researcher, it was his responsibility to effectively communicate scientific content and to convey the importance of the work that is being done. His motivation for becoming a Comm Lab Fellow was to gain the opportunity to work closely with fellow scientists, helping them express scientific ideas, approaches, or relevance, while also guiding them through ways in which they could captivate their audience while doing so. When not in the lab, Nav enjoys adventurous reading, explosions in the kitchen, sonorous sounds, and mildly competitive athletic feats.

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