Sara Garamszegi, Bioinformatics scientist, dedicated to elevating scientific communication

Bioinformatics scientist, dedicated to elevating scientific communication

Sara is a Project Manager in the Genomics Platform, where she manages a portfolio of external, commercial and collaborative projects, as well as helps collaborators identify their unique project needs. Sara’s overarching career goal has been to facilitate science: to identify a need in the scientific community, and to help other scientists’ plans come to fruition. In the spirit of this goal, and as a passionate Comm Lab Fellow, Sara helps other scientists improve their communication skills. She particularly enjoys helping scientists advance their careers with well-crafted career-related documents – such as resumes, CVs, personal statements, cover letters, and medical school and graduate school applications. However, she also enjoys visual forms of scientific communication, such as figure design and presentations, among others. Sara is a scientific jack-of-all-trades and does not have any particular area of expertise, although she has a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics and has significant familiarity with computational biology and bioinformatics topics.

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