Andrew Feldman, 5th year graduate student

5th year graduate student
Entekhabi Lab

Andrew is a fourth-year Civil and Environmental Engineering Ph.D. candidate working with Prof. Dara Entekhabi. He is a hydrologist who uses satellite instruments to study the transfer of water between the soil, vegetation, and atmosphere across the globe. While conducting research across multiple disciplines, Andrew has developed strengths in tuning his messages and visuals to different scientific communities. He enjoys the challenge of presenting his work to different audiences and appreciates that this process encourages him to leave his research “bubble” and evaluate his work from different angles.

A Pennsylvania native, Andrew obtained bachelor’s and master’s degrees in civil engineering from Drexel University, where he studied the implementation of green stormwater management infrastructure in urban parks. During his free time, he enjoys hiking across New England with his wife and dog, doing video workout programs, golfing, and running along the Charles River.