Female Voters & Their Age Bar Chart

A Designer’s Perspective on Data Visualization

As the old saying goes, “Numbers don’t lie.” For journalists, scientists, and designers, these numbers come from data. Data visualizations serve to legitimize claims and have become ubiquitous: flip through a recent issue of the New York Times or the Economist and you’ll find colorful and intricate graphics reminiscent of paper figures. If you are reading this post, you might be familiar with the challenges involved in data visualization.

Social Media for Scientists: Build Your Brand  

To build up a personal brand and have a presence on social media is becoming a must for people interested in developing a career in academia. It helps researchers stand out and increase the visibility of their work. In CEE, a good example of this is Professor Markus Buehler. With almost 4,000 followers on his… View Article

Use the CommKit

The CommKit is a collection of guides to successful scientific communication, written by MIT’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Communication Fellows.