Hyun-Chae “Chad” Loh, 5th year graduate student

5th year graduate student
Masic Lab

Chad received his bachelor’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering at KAIST, Korea. He is currently a Civil and Environmental Engineering PhD student advised by Prof. Admir Masic. He studies how microscale chemical properties can affect macro-scale mechanical behaviors through characterizing materials, such as abalone shells and concrete. His research goal is to have a big impact on the sustainability of construction materials by changing the micro-scale properties of them.

Civil engineering is close to our daily lives, and therefore, civil engineers often find themselves communicating these real-life engineering problems and their solutions with the general public, where visual communication is very effective. Chad is passionate about visual communication methods, such as figures, posters, presentations, animations, and videos. Outside of the lab, Chad is interested in cities, architecture, and graphic design, and he enjoys doodling in his spare time. Follow his doodles(@myfoodisalive) on Instagram!