Ignacio Martin Arzuaga Garcia, 3rd Year Graduate Student

3rd Year Graduate Student
Einstein Lab

Ignacio is a Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) grad student working with Prof. Einstein in the Rock Mechanics group. Originally from Argentina, he graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) in 2013. After college, he worked in industry as a structural engineer on numerous projects – ranging from ports to satellites. From the beginning, his career was distinguished by diversity and interdisciplinarity. He joined MIT in 2016, pursuing his aims of taking structures to a next level and learning about fracture mechanics. His research combines high-speed videos and high-resolution pictures with data acquisition and acoustic emissions (yes, listening to fractures!) to learn about hydraulic fracturing mechanisms in rocks. The main applications of his work are in geo-energy systems, like geothermal energy and unconventional oil & gas.

In 2018, Ignacio worked with three Fulbright scholars to co-found the non-profit “Tu Beca Argentina” (TBA), an educational initiative that facilitates access to scholarships for education abroad in South America. He volunteers as Director of Communications and tutor, having experience in social media management and in coaching candidates for scholarships and grad school applications. He is eager to work with the CEE Comm Lab community. In his free time, he likes doing sightseeing and taking pictures. After all that training in photography for his research, who wouldn’t like to take pictures of something else than fractures, right?