Linda Seymour, 5th year graduate student

5th year graduate student
Masic Lab

Linda is a PhD candidate in the Masic Lab studying the durability of ancient Roman concrete to inspire new, sustainable construction materials. She also did her undergraduate studies in Civil Engineering at MIT where her humanities concentration in archaeological materials sparked an interest in historic construction. Currently, Linda is characterizing the materials of Roman water infrastructure, such as aqueducts, which served the empire centuries and still stand today.

Before graduate school, Linda spent some time as an engineer in industry and has joined the CEE Communication Lab to bridge her academic and professional experiences in technical communication. Her primary interest is in adapting technical material for a broad audience such as presenting complex engineering concepts to managers and sponsors and using narrative to make data accessible.

Outside of research, Linda and her husband, Derek, enjoy playing board games, rock climbing and trying out new recipes (especially when it comes to making ice cream).