Alex Guion, NSE Communication Fellow 2014-2015

NSE Communication Fellow 2014-2015

Alex served as one of the original NSE Communication Fellows and was instrumental in establishing the program as an effective and reliable resource. In his PhD work with Profs. Jacopo Buongiorno, St├ęphane Zaleski, and Shahriar Afkhami, Alex used advanced modeling and simulation techniques to study the fundamental physics of boiling, and eventually enhance the performance of power plants. After leaving MIT, Alex went on to become senior research engineer at ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company. What he enjoyed most about the Comm Lab was the interaction with others. The incredible range of topics and requests coming through the doors of the Comm Lab were an endless opportunity to practice and learn new things along the way. The Comm Lab was an opportunity to meet people across labs and disciplines, to learn about the most recent research happening in the department, and to work hand-in-hand with others on presenting their work in the most effective way.