The Communication Fellows rely on their NSE experiences and formal training to help their peers communicate more effectively. You can work with any of the current Fellows or with a member of the Fellow Reserve. As of August 2021, this combined cohort has hosted over 750 hours of one-on-one coaching, working on tasks ranging from lab reports to grant proposals to faculty applications. Make an appointment today to work on any technical communication task that’s on your plate, whether you’re still at the brainstorming stage or almost ready to turn in your draft. We’re here to help!


Abtin Ameri, Third-Year Graduate Student

Abtin Ameri

Third-Year Graduate Student
Quantum computing for fusion with Prof. Loureiro
Rachel Bielajew, Fourth-Year Graduate Student

Rachel Bielajew

Fourth-Year Graduate Student
Fusion energy with Prof. Anne White
Lorne Cohen, Second-Year Graduate Student

Lorne Cohen

Second-Year Graduate Student
Fission energy with Prof. Koroush Shirvan
Alexis Devitre, Third-Year Graduate Student

Alexis Devitre

Third-Year Graduate Student
Fusion Energy with Prof. Whyte
Liam Hines, Second-Year Graduate Student

Liam Hines

Second-Year Graduate Student
Fission energy with Prof. Koroush Shirvan
Ralitsa Mihaylova, Second-Year Graduate Student

Ralitsa Mihaylova

Second-Year Graduate Student
Fission energy with Prof. Emilio Baglietto
Myles Stapelberg, Second-Year Graduate Student

Myles Stapelberg

Second-Year Graduate Student
Fusion materials with Profs. Mike Short and Dennis Whyte


Marina Dang, Communication Lab Manager

Marina Dang

Communication Lab Manager
MIT Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering
Diana Chien, Program Director

Diana Chien

Program Director
Communication Lab