Course-specific workshops

We traditionally hold workshops for the following classes. For exact dates and times, please check your course announcements or syllabus.

  • 22.011 – Nuclear Engineering: Science, Systems and Society
    How to write an effective Op-Ed on nuclear topics
  • 22.03 – Introduction to Nuclear Design
    How to craft effective engineering videos
  • 22.033/22.33 – Nuclear Systems Design Project
    Writing for technical and non-technical audiences
    Planning and delivering a talk
    Storyboarding in user experience design
    How to craft effective engineering videos
  • 22.04/22.16 – Social Problems of Nuclear Energy
    Crafting effective reading responses in 22.04
  • 22.911 – Seminar in Nuclear Science and Engineering
    Giving and receiving feedback
    22.911 best practices

Event-specific workshops

  • Doctoral Qualifying Exam (for those planning to take quals that academic year)
    Part 1 – Study strategies and planning the quals paper
    Part 2 – The quals presentation and preparing for the unprepared question
  • GAAP Mentors Training
    Helping your GAAP mentees with their graduate school applications
  • NSE Graduate Research Expo
    Poster best practices
    Digital posters
  • NSE UROP Summer Research Festival
    Designing and delivering your UROP flash talk