Charlie Hirst, NSE Communication Fellow 2019-2022

NSE Communication Fellow 2019-2022
now Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Michigan

After studying for an M. Eng. in materials science at the University of Oxford (UK), Charlie decided to explore the world of research on this side of the Atlantic. For his PhD in Professor Short’s Mesoscale Nuclear Materials Lab, Charlie investigated the evolution of radiation damage by measuring the stored energy released during defect annealing in metals. During his time as a Comm Lab Fellow, Charlie helped more than 40 students during 120 coaching appointments, with a particular zest for both figure and slide design. He will forever appreciate the sense of community and purpose that the NSE Comm Lab created, and will continue to enjoy helping others with their science communication needs. After graduation, Charlie joined the Nuclear Oriented Materials & Examination Lab at the University of Michigan as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow and will be investigating the mechanisms behind irradiation-induced creep in engineering alloys.