Cody Dennett, NSE Communication Fellow 2015-2019

NSE Communication Fellow 2015-2019
now Fusion Materials Lead at Commonwealth Fusion Systems

Cody joined the NSE Comm Lab near the end of his first year at MIT and served as a Fellow until he completed his PhD four years later. During that time, he appreciated most the opportunity to continually interact with students and postdocs, whose interests spanned the range from quantum devices to future fusion reactors. His dissertation focused on designing and implementing in situ, multi-modal, non-destructive characterization methods for materials being exposed to extreme conditions with Prof. Mike Short. Upon the completion of his PhD, he accepted a position as a Russel L. Heath Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow at the Idaho National Laboratory where he studies irradiation effects on material performance and continues to develop advanced characterization techniques. Cody’s experience with the Comm Lab has left him with an enduring appreciation for the power of and need for clear communication in science and technology.