Steve Jepeal, NSE Communication Fellow 2018-2021

NSE Communication Fellow 2018-2021
now Co-Founder of Allium Engineering, Inc.
Within a month of completing his physics B.S. at the University of Notre Dame, Steve came to MIT and began studying radiation damage in fusion materials in Prof. Zach Hartwig’s group. His research focused on using ion beams to emulate the way neutrons damage structural materials, and when he wasn’t at work in the NW 13 Vault Laboratory, he was coaching his peers through the Comm Lab. Steve loved working with the diverse group of students and postdocs to help them reach their goals, whether it be giving a great conference presentation or nailing a job interview. After 180 coaching appointments, seven workshops, and several “CommKit” articles, Steve graduated MIT and went on to found a Technology startup called Allium Engineering. Steve’s appreciation for effective communication has only grown since MIT, and he continues to serve the Comm Lab as part of the Fellow Reserve.