Our Communication Lab teams are always thinking about new communication skills and scenarios that we can help to demystify and support. Find some of our latest resources below:

Blog posts

Quick tips on handy skills and first-hand reflections about communication experiences, from Communication Fellows and community members

“Ready to send your written document to your PI or collaborators for feedback? Before you do, take a moment to intentionally edit.”

Takeaways and strategies from four days of faculty panels and application workshops: 1) Rewards and stresses of the job – 2) Getting a faculty job – 3) Getting through the junior faculty years – 4) Preparing your own faculty application

“As one of the organizers of MERE 2019, I had a bird’s-eye view of the poster presentation, the audience, the judging, and our goals.”

“Whether you are new to TOC figures or not, here are some tips for generating TOC graphics to entice and inform!”

Comm Fellows reflect on the importance of effective emails and share tips for interviewing others.

“As scientists and science communicators, we have a duty to clearly and responsibly communicate reliable information about COVID-19 to the general public. Our work has the potential to change people’s understanding, which can change their behavior—which can change the course of the pandemic.” – Eugenia Inda

“It can be difficult to work in teams. Remote teamwork can be even harder. Here are some tips to help you work in a team remotely and have difficult conversations if needed.”

New & updated CommKit articles

Discipline-specific how-to’s and annotated examples, covering both technical and professional communication. For a full directory of all of our CommKit articles, click here.

  • Virtual Presentations, by Charlie Hirst (NSE Comm Lab), Summer 2020
  • Cover Letters, by Patrick White & Robbie Stewart (NSE Comm Lab), Summer 2020
  • CV / Resume, by Robbie Stewart & Patrick White (NSE Comm Lab), Summer 2020
  • Figure Design, by Marina Dang, Xinyao “Anna” Liang, & Steve Jepeal (NSE Comm Lab), Spring 2020