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Building a personal website for the first time or feeling stuck on how to fill in content? This post shares ways to use the MIT Commkit archives to build your website!

If you’re anxious about the Q&A section of the exam, you’re not alone! In a survey of grad students (n = 6) preparing for the General Exam in 2023, 100% of respondents rated the Q&A section as “the most daunting.”

Most researchers are familiar with the peer review process, though some may be less familiar with the editorial review process. When a journal receives an article, the editors decide whether or not to advance the submission to peer review.

The purpose of a literature review is to generate a state-of-the-art overview for a particular topic. This requires identifying the most relevant papers to the topic at hand and crafting a story about how the papers are related to one another. This can be a challenging endeavor without some way to strategize and organize the review.

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