Our departmental Communication Labs offer a wide variety of workshops and other opportunities to help MIT members learn and practice communication skills: from workshops on figure design and NSF GRFP applications, to speedy resume checks and weeklong career bootcamps, to presentation rehearsal sessions. Our services emphasize field-specific strategies, first-hand experience from our trained peer coaches, and hands-on learning opportunities.

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Comm Lab partner programs

We support a number of MIT organizations and programs through tailored events and coaching:

Student/postdoc partner organizations

  • Association of Courageous Minority Engineers
  • Black Graduate Students’ Association
  • Broadening Engagement through Engineering at MIT
  • Convergence Scholars
  • Emergent Behavior of Integrated Cellular Systems REUs
  • Graduate Women at MIT
  • International Genetically Engineered Machine competition
  • Johnson & Johnson Scholars
  • Laureates & Leaders
  • MIT Energy Initiative UROPs
  • MIT Summer Research Program
  • Momentum
  • My Sister’s Keeper
  • Sandbox Innovation Fund

Academic program partners

  • Health Sciences & Technology
  • Leaders for Global Operations
  • Media Lab