The Communication Lab is scaling up rapidly and needs support to be able to bring this program to more students and postdocs at MIT, and to bolster the breadth and depth of the free online resources that we offer to trainees around the world.

Donations will support the launch of new Communication Labs at MIT, expanding our in-person services to hundreds more students. Donations will also allow us to create and deploy innovative new communication resources and training experiences. From our on-campus coaching and workshops to our online CommKits, we’re working to design targeted, discipline-aware resources that help STEM trainees build the communication skills they need to excel in industry, academia, policy, and beyond.

External support will allow our teams to research new topics and invest in new ways to share our resources and learning experiences with local and global audiences. If you would like to support our work, we welcome your donations in any amount.


Photos of Communication Fellows working 1:1 with clients and teaching a workshop