We warmly invite you to join us for our first Communication Lab Summer Institute, a hands-on workshop for students, postdocs, and administrators.

Participants will learn how to create innovative communication resources for engineers and scientists.

July 24- 27, 2017: Communication Lab Summer Institute

July 28, 2017: Optional additional day to learn about our Fellow training curriculum, which is available for purchase.

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Questions can be addressed to the Communication Lab Director.



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First-Year Communication Fellows are trained through a year-long program consisting of a two-hour session per month (9 sessions in total). Based on our Comm Lab framework for effective communication, we cover topics ranging from titles and abstracts to visual design and faculty applications. When appropriate, sessions are scheduled to align with actual deadlines (ex: graduate school and fellowship applications).

Our curriculum follows a 80-20 model, where 80% of the content is shared across disciplines and 20% is customized. This design allows the trainings to be both scalable and concrete for our Fellows:

  • Scalable: Fellows from different fields of study can be trained at the same time.
  • Field specific: Authentic examples—sample works from actual students and researchers from within their fields—illustrate the practices that we teach.

While we promote best practices in scientific communication, we also provide a platform for Fellows across disciplines to share their experiences and troubleshoot tricky coaching scenarios.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for the Summer Institute.