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Our Communication Lab teams are always thinking about new communication skills and scenarios that we can help to demystify and support. To find a curated collection of our newest resources, click here.
Deanna Montgomery, Nina Davis-Millis

A Talk Outside the Tower: EECS Communication Lab in the news

Walking into MIT can feel like entering a foreign country—one with a number for every building and an unwieldy acronym for every organization. Deeper conversations are even more opaque, as fields and subfields command their own complex scientific argot. But if the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that bridging the gap between scientists […]

Welcoming 2021 Virtual Summer Institute participants

If you’re eager to craft innovative, peer-to-peer science communication resources for your own institution, in the company of passionate students and educators, join us for the 2021 Summer Institute! This July, we welcome scicomm trainers from near and far to join us and learn about the Communication Lab’s educational and organizational model. Our Summer Institutes […]

Apply to our first IAP workshop series on public science communication

IAP Workshop Series: Fundamentals of Communicating with the Public Being able to communicate your research compellingly to a variety of audiences is a crucial skill for scientists and engineers and an invaluable tool for building public trust and engagement. In this 5-session workshop series, participants will learn and practice strategies for effectively communicating research to […]

When science doesn’t have all the answers

Demarcating science in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis By Maria Eugenia Inda, EECS Communication Fellow It matters enormously if I alienate anyone from the truth. — C. S. Lewis   In 2020, life was crushed by an invisible enemy that stopped everything… or rather, almost everything, since people’s fears, worries, and questions have only […]

A Designer’s Perspective on Data Visualization

Strategies scientists can use when creating graphics for a broader audience By Craig McLean, Yerri Portillo, Tianna Rivera, Tui Calvette, and Christine Lopez Craig McLean is a Communication Fellow in the MIT Civil and Environmental Engineering Communication Lab. All of the authors are members of the Unofficial Committee: a collective of artists and scientists who […]

Let’s not make it viral!

Help flatten the curve of misinformation As the numbers continue to rise in the evolving coronavirus pandemic, the amount of information is also increasing exponentially. News and speculation are spreading so fast that the normal mechanisms for releasing information supported by the scientific consensus may fail for a number of reasons: lack of reliable data, […]

How to Be Clear When Nothing Else Is, Part II

Reading Responsibly During a Pandemic by Sarah Schwartz, Biological Engineering Communication Fellow Science communicators—and the general public—have professional and ethical responsibilities when writing or sharing information. That is especially true during stressful, high-stakes situations—for example, a pandemic. But communication is not one-sided; it relies upon engagement between the communicator and the audience. As readers, we […]

How to Be Clear When Nothing Else Is

Communicating Science During a Pandemic by Sarah Schwartz, Biological Engineering Communication Fellow In the last month, coronavirus has rapidly rewritten the rules for how we engage with each other. Science communicators play a crucial role as they investigate, clarify and contextualize incoming data. Communicating complex concepts is a standard challenge that researchers, journalists, physicians, and […]

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