The Communication Lab is available to support graduate classes, as well as undergraduate classes that are not already supported by Writing, Rhetoric, and Professional Communication (WRAP). If your class involves communication deliverables such as presentations, papers, or final projects, here are some ways we can collaborate with you to provide support:

  • Individual student feedback – Encourage your students to sign up for Communication Lab coaching prior to submitting a draft or final product. We will train our Fellows in advance so that they are aware of your class’ deadlines, assignment guidelines, and other expectations.
  • Peer feedback facilitation – We can help you design in-class or electronic feedback sessions for your students.
  • Online resources – Our departmental CommKits, which provide task-specific scientific communication articles and examples, are a great resource to add to your syllabus. If you would like resources more specifically catered to your subject’s content, please contact us.
  • Workshops – The Communication Fellows can design and provide a workshop during a recitation or class time to help students prepare for a deliverable.
  • Curriculum advising – We can review and provide input on assignment descriptions, rubrics, and other materials related to your communication deliverables, both to ensure that our Communication Fellows are prepared to support your students, and to help you assess whether your materials align with the communication experience you aim for your students to have.

To learn more about support, contact a Communication Lab manager from your department.