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How do I request a Communication Lab workshop or resource?

If you are an MIT student, staff, or affiliate, and you would like the Communication Lab to create a workshop or other service/resource for a particular need, please either… find the Communication Lab for your department and contact its manager, or if your department does not have a Comm Lab or you are in a […]

How can the Communication Lab support my class?

The Communication Lab is available to support graduate classes, as well as undergraduate classes that are not already supported by Writing, Rhetoric, and Professional Communication (WRAP). If your class involves communication deliverables such as presentations, papers, or final projects, here are some ways we can collaborate with you to provide support: Individual student feedback – […]

How can I start a Communication Lab at my own institution?

We train other institutions how to adapt the educational and organizational principles of the Communication Lab at our Summer Institute, a four-day, hands-on workshop where participants draft a strategic plan for their own Communication Lab or other science communication initiative. Learn more about other institutions that have adapted our model after participating in the Summer […]