Over the last several months, many institutions have begun asking us to share our Communication Lab model because they are gearing up to launch new initiatives to help engineers and scientists learn to communicate effectively. It is so exciting to us that other colleges and universities are experimenting.

While we began thinking about the right role for us to play in supporting other institutions, we realized that we still have a lot to learn, ourselves. We want to share our failures and our successes to help new initiatives ramp up more efficiently – but we also want to learn with you, and from you.

This is why we decided to launch the first-ever Communication Lab Summer Institute at MIT (July 24-28, 2017).

Our goal is to explain our framework, to help you craft a strategic plan, and to create a community of educational entrepreneurs to share best practices.

We don’t want for others to simply replicate our program. It may or may not actually be the best solution for your community. We have, however, experimented with peer coaching, workshops, panels, traditional f0r-credit courses, models for training fellows, and a ton of other crazy ideas, including our famed undergraduate donut campaign. We’ve collected rigorous data along the way that we’ll share, so you can decide which efforts makes the most sense to try out for your own community.

We firmly believe that change can begin at any level, which is why we are inviting graduate students to attend, as well as staff, instructors, and senior administrators. We’ll offer reduced costs to students –as well as discounted pricing for groups of five or more who attend from the same organization.

Check out our Events page to see more details and sign up. We welcome feedback and ideas at any time. We hope to see you this summer!