Our peer coaches are practicing scientists and engineers first and foremost. We train them rigorously to offer high-level conversations with their peers about scientific communication. We focus as much on the Fellow experience as we do our clients’.

As a Communication Fellow, you will…

  • Work <5 hours/week for the Communication Lab
  • Get paid ~$2K/year to learn communication skills and coach your peers
  • Participate in a 2-hour/month, year-long training
  • Get mentored by your manager and experienced Fellows
  • Receive feedback regularly on your own communication and coaching
  • Have access to ample professional development opportunities
  • Learn to design and run hands-on workshops for your peers
  • Take the lead on projects that excite you, with support from Communication Lab staff
  • Develop content for our website

We solicit applications to become Communication Fellows once a year, right before spring break in participating departments. Here’s what you can expect from the application process:

  • <500 words on why you want to become a Communication Fellow
  • Interviews by invitation to answer questions about the program and discuss an abstract in your field with a Communication Lab staff member
  • Permission from your PI to join the team, if accepted