In July 2017, representatives from 7 different institutions – Boston University, Brandeis University, the Broad Institute, Brown University, Caltech, Hofstra University, and MIT’s own Mechanical Engineering department – gathered at MIT for the first-ever Communication Lab Summer Institute. In collaboration with Communication Lab staff and Fellows, attendees learned from the Comm Lab’s four years of operation at MIT, shared their own experiences as science communicators and educators, and worked together to adapt Communication Lab principles and practices for their own academic communities.

Since then, Brandeis has gone on to launch its own Science Communication Lab, Mechanical Engineering has joined the family of MIT Communication Labs, and more Communication Labs are in the works across the country.

The 2017 Summer Institute was packed to the brim with collaborative brainstorming, reflection, and strategic planning. Participants departed the event with launch plans in hand for their own Communication Labs. One attendee shared,

“I thought it was easily the best workshop as far as structure and engagement I have been to. […] It was extremely educational […] and really addressed the range of experiences and communities of the participants.”

If you’re eager to craft innovative, peer-to-peer science communication resources for your own institution, in the company of passionate students and educators, join us for the 2018 Summer Institute! We welcome scicomm aficionados from near and far to join us this June:

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